Skeleton Cutlery by Andre Lassen via Raven Armoury in England. Forged once a year from artist-supplied wax slugs in small quantities. Limited and rare. These are seemingly sort of internet famous but usually re-blogged and posted around without artist credit. These are fucking gorgeous in person.

We are currently selling a set of these for less than the current rate and minus all the import/customs fees we had to pay. Check it out:

Promotional photos for our [Morose & Macabre’s] next installment of our annual event, The Atrocity Exhibition, “PHANTASMAGORIA”. Pictured are myself [Aaron Doctor/ “Dr. Morose”], Macabre Noir, Lilith DeVille, Cherri Baum, Nick Noir, and Penny De La Poison. Photos by Kevin Ross of, editing by Macabre Noir and Guytano Kalicicki. 

Information about the event, Morose and Macabre, our work, etc, can be found at:

i have this exact same plastic skull on my shelf.

i have this exact same plastic skull on my shelf.

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